Thursday, April 9, 2009

Disney's Bedtime Stories DVD for $1.99!

I haven't seen this, so I can't recommend it yet, but it looks funny. Check out Chicks Dig Deals post HERE to find out how to get the DVD for $1.99. That's cheaper than most rentals!

UPDATE: I went today (Saturday) to get this deal, and it's late now so I'll wait to put up the picture and numbers of the whole dealie, but I did want to let you know that I price matched it at WalMart and they had Ortega taco seasoning for .45/each (used a .75/2 manQ) and Rayovac batteries ("AAA" 4pk, "Heavy Duty") for .94 (both things are required for the rebates). I searched high and low for batteries that didn't cost an arm and a leg so this would be worth doing.....I finally found red packages of Rayovac batteries on a big display near the front of the store where all the books are.
I know it's too late now for the Target price, but if they put it on sale this week somewhere you could still get a great price on it.
Final Price: $4.02 for these 5 items!

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