Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A public thank you to Menards for a great rebate service!

I want to give a huge shout out and thank you to Menards for being a great company to do rebates with!  I recently had lots of rebates that I had put aside and forgotten to mail in.......when I say lots, I mean lots!  Like some were 5 months old and all together were worth almost $300!  We're working on our first house and remodeling purchases add up quickly!  (Here's an example of a recent purchase - all FREE after long as I send it in!)

When I discovered the old rebate forms and receipts, I checked out their rebate fulfillment centers FAQ section and found this:
"I forgot to send in for my rebate and now it has expired. If I send it in late, will I be able to get my rebate?
Rebates are not open indefinitely. There are no guaranties that a late submission will be honored by any clearinghouse. Mail in your request and we will do our best." 

I thought I'd give it a shot and send the rebates in and hope they'd fulfill them........less than a month later I had a mailbox full of credit checks!  I was so impressed and appreciative!  Many companies won't honor a rebate if you're a day late - here's Menards still honoring them months later!  I wouldn't count on that happening again and I plan to send them in on time, but I so appreciate their willingness to honor the rebates even though they didn't have to!  So, thank you Menards!    =)
If you're new to using Menards rebates or have some questions, check out the Menards 101 post for details.

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