Monday, May 11, 2009

FREE movie - Redbox Rental Code - Mon., May 11 - Last weekly code!

** Today is the last "Free Movie Monday" **
At least on a weekly basis. Redbox will now put out a monthly promo code on the first Monday of every month over the summer (June 1st, July 6th, and August 3rd). You can sign up at their website to have it sent to you via text, or check back here to get the code.
Some people are bummed about the weekly codes ending, but Redbox is still a great deal at $1/rental though! And don't forget to check your local library as a great source for free movies!

Also, if you haven't used them yet, the codes "BREAKROOM", "DVDONME", and "REDBOX" will get a free rental. They're each good for one use per credit/debit card. and as far as I know, don't expire.


Here's today's free movie code! Find your local Redbox, choose your movie, and enter the code! For my local readers, I've seen Redbox's at Meijer, Walmart, and now Walgreens.

Today's free code is 6A43JK

The code is good until midnight. You will need to put in your credit card info, but you will not be charged as long as it is returned by 9pm the following evening (if it's late they charge $1/day). You can use the code more than once if you use separate credit cards.

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