Wednesday, June 17, 2009

$5 Schwan's Coupon = Free Food!!!

I didn't even know Schwan's ever put out coupons! My husband loves Schwan's and I love the convenience of delivery, but the cost is usually prohibitive. I'm really happy to have found this funzie to make it more affordable!

Here's a $5 Schwan's coupon - when you checkout, use the code "D5" to get $5 off your order. Use it for something around $5 and get free food! Depending on your location there may be a $1 delivery fee or tax, but it's still a great price!!
(Once per account - I tried to use it on a second order, and found that it wouldn't let me. I don't know if you can have more than one account per address or not - please leave a comment if you know!)

A lot of the half gallons of ice cream are $5.49 - are you kidding me?? Schwan's cookies and cream for .49?! Yes!

thanks EngineerADebtFreeLife!
(here are some examples they gave for free/cheap (thanks!)
2.5 lb bag of potato rounds - $4.99
2.5 lb bag of Hashbrown shreds - $4.99
Pepperoni pizza - $4.99 (there are several pizzas at this price)
6 ct. vanilla sundae cones - $4.99
18 ct. frozen popsicles - $5.18

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