Thursday, July 9, 2009

Don't be a Selfish Scooper!!

I went to an apartment yard sale this past weekend, and one of the tenants had tables and tables of what looked like my stockpile.....only on steroids! Knowing how the deals are gotten and how often they come around, I was not pleased with the apparent "shelf-clearing" that had gone on to get all of it.

I'm all about getting great deals, but when you're selfish and hoard everything for yourself everyone else loses. It's so frustrating to get your list and coupons in order, finally get a day that the hubby's home from work and get away to do your shopping and then there's nothing left! 
Or, if someone's not even deal shopping and they just want some cough medicine for their little one, but it was a freebie and the shelf is empty because someone else was stoked to get 17 bottles for free, it puts a really bad light on "couponers" (and store employees notice who comes through with cart fulls and that doesn't create any goodwill either).

Obviously there isn't an endless supply at the store, then if there's someone like this around, what is on the shelves is quickly scooped up and others go home empty handed. There are plenty of deals out there - you don't need every one on the shelf! Please think of others!

Now, there are times when they store is very well-stocked, or it's the end of the last day of the sale, or you have a chance to go to multiple stores.....when you are able to get multiples - in the right way, remember that's a perfect chance to be generous! Think of friends who may be struggling with a job loss, food pantries, women's shelters, pregnancy centers, nursing homes.....the list goes on and on.

Don't be a "selfish scooper"! I know it can be easy to get carried away if there's just an amazing bargain, but everyone comes out ahead if we shop fairly and think of other shoppers as well.


Kristen, The Pajama Mama said...

i quite agree. how disappointed i've been to get to the store "late." at one point i actually started shopping early sunday mornings or right after church just to get the freebies before the other couponers...i never felt right about that. but i'm guilty of grabbing things off the shelf just because i have the coupon that makes it free even if we don't need 5 more bottles of listerine....seriously, still have 3 left, two years later...

glad to meet you, mara! have a great weekend!

Amanda said...

This is a great reminder - many times I have stopped at a drug store on my way to work (6:30 a.m.) Monday morning and found all the weekly specials completely gone. It is hard to discipline yourself to not take a lot or all of a good deal, but it you have more than you can use, you've still spent money for nothing! Thanks for a timely and useful post.