Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kmart Doubling Coupons! (Maybe??) 9/27 - 10/3

Well, Kmart had announced that they were done with their Super Coupon Doubling events for 2009, but apparently they changed their minds to keep us on our penny-pinching toes.  There may be a bit more of a catch this time though.  Some people have gotten emails saying that only Procter and Gamble coupons will be doubled - however, other people have heard that their Kmart will be doubling all coupons "like usual".  There seems to be quite a bit of confusion.
Check out STL Mommy for a list of coupon match-ups and some details of the drama.
And check out this list at HotCouponWorld for which stores are participating.  I would suggest maybe calling your Kmart before heading out to check (although from past experience, that's not even a sure thing, lol).

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