Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cheap deal on All You magazine!! As low as $4.78 for a 1 year subscription!!

All You magazine is a great source of coupons. It's only sold at Wal-Mart or by subscription.  Mine is just about to run out, so I'm super stoked about this deal!!  A 1-year subscription is being sold by for $19.97, but Ebates is offering 51% cashback on anything at, so it brings it down to $9.78 after your cashback = .82¢ an issue!  If you're new to Ebates, you'll also get a $5 sign up bonus in your account, so your total will be $4.78 for 1-year subscription of All You!!   Nice!  =)
You can easily make more than your money back with the coupons in the magazine, plus it's a great read with lots of great articles, tips, recipes...etc.

  • Go to Ebates and sign in or register
  • Enter "" in the search bar and click "Shop Now" when it brings up the results
  • Once you're at do a search for "All You" and purchase
  • You'll receive your cash back in your Ebates account within a couple days - done and done!  =)


Kristie said...

Love the new look of your blog!! Maybe I just havent been around for a while, but it looks cool!! Thanks for all of the great tips!

Mara said...

Thanks Kristie! =) I changed and tweaked it for HOURS, and think I'm happy with it.....for now. ;)
I'm trying to get better about posting regularly - kind of a New Years resolution....but I'm finding there's only so many hours in the day! I'm working on at least one post a day - that's the goal. So, hopefully much more to come! =)