Monday, January 31, 2011

FREE Papa John's pizza if Super Bowl XLV goes into overtime! AND a free pizza given away every 45 seconds!

At our house we could not hardly love Papa John's pizza any more than we already do.....however, if it's free - even better!  If the Super Bowl (this Sunday, Feb. 6th) goes into overtime, they're giving everyone who registered for Papa John's Rewards a free large pizza! 
Also, they're giving away a free pizza every 45 seconds during the game - just order a pizza at from 10am to 9:59pm on Super Bowl Sunday to be entered to win!

So first, register here for Papa John's Rewards (by midnight Feb. 5th, 2011).  
Next, click on "My Account" and scroll down until you see the "Papa Points" tab (if you don't see that right away, navigate away from your account and then come back - that's what I had to do and it then showed up).  Click on the "green +" and then select "enroll".  That's it!
Then wait to see if the game goes into OT - if it does, you'll get 25 free Papa Points added to your account, which you can redeem for a free large three-topping pizza.....mmm.
"The Papa Points Rewards Program is free! For every $5 you spend, including tax and delivery charges, you'll earn one Papa's Point. When you've collected 25, redeem them for a free large three-topping pizza! (Note: Papa Points may not be added to your account until the next full business day after placing an order.)"

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