Monday, January 3, 2011

Gotta Gift, Give a Gift...... Create a Gift Closet and Be Prepared!

Do you have a gift stash?  Maybe you call it a gift closet, a “just-in-case” box, backup gifts….?  Whatever you call it, it’s awesome and I call it a life saver!  Throughout the year I grab things up when they're deeply discounted (usually 75-100% off), pop them in the gift box, and rest easy knowing that I’m prepared.  Having a few nice, versatile things on hand for unexpected gift giving occasions…or to save the day for, ahem, procrastinators like me……can be such a sanity saver!  ;)

I’ve used mine SO much recently – the kids each had a few last minute birthday parties to go to……the hubzy had a Secret Santa exchange at work that got forgotten about……a couple things got put aside with the Christmas craziness – and yet again, the gift stash came to the rescue!
Now is the perfect time to start one if you haven’t already, and to stock up if you already have one.  Right now you’ll find all kinds of things clearanced……oodles of deals just perfect for tucking away.  Keep your eyes open now and be ready later!

Some things I like to keep on hand are..........
~ coloring books and crayons
~ sidewalk chalk
~ baby outfits
~ card games (adults or kids)
~ board games (adults or kids)
~ gift sets
~ bath items
~ candles
~ picture frames
~ fleece throws
~ stationary, pretty pens or pencils

After Christmas sales are a fantastic time to grab gift sets, bath items, toys and games galore.  Throughout the year I like to check Target's craft/coloring area - there's almost always some sort of cool chalk toy or Crayola thing clearanced.  Also, their dollar section near the front of the store often goes down to 75% off - great time to tuck some things away!

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