Friday, March 4, 2011

Fun Frugal Finds! ;)

I found a couple things recently that I was really jazzed about and thought I'd share!

A few weeks ago I went to Goodwill and found a couple vases - a clear one with a green tint that has a beautiful shape, and also a round white one (orig. $20 from Target) with pretty floral details.  They were each $3.  (the bright green one was .79¢ and it's mentioned below).   I found bright yellow mums clearanced at WalMart and put them in the clear one - it was perfect!!  (forgot to take a picture!)

Then I went to another thrift store last Saturday and they just happened to be having a sale - all the clothes were .99¢ each - so I got a bunch of great things for the kids (and a few for me!) all under $18!   I tried getting a picture of the girls showing off a couple of their new shirts, but they were being too silly, so this is the best one I got......they're cute, but you can't see the shirts at all!  lol!   Oh wait, I did get one of Emma that was decent.  =)

A few days ago I went to Hope's Outlet and came across a bright green vase (in pic above) that I could see showing off some beautiful tulips for .79¢.   And......this chair (from Klingman's of Grand Rapids, MI) for guess how much??!!

(yes, that is a dead flower basket still on the porch......don't judge)

$2.99!!  Can you believe that?   Now I know she's not too pretty right now, but I have a dream of (learning how and) recovering I've been dreaming of doing for two other chairs......or maybe I'll just go with a slipcover.  ;)   If I tackle that project, I will be sure to show you the "after". For now it's comfy-wumf and will be perfect replacing one of the uncomfortable chairs in the basement tv room if nothing else!    I love the way it leans back!

Finally, my baby bear got a free hat from the .99¢ sale I mentioned above.  ahh, I love that cutie patootie!  =)

So, the grand total........
3 Vases
Children's Place hat
15 pieces of clothing
= $25!  Not too shabby!

Have you come across any Frugal Finds lately?

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