Friday, April 1, 2011

Frugal April Fools Day Ideas!

It's funny how I can think of silly little pranks all year long, but then April 1st comes around and my mind goes blank!  I try to find something that will make the kids laugh (and maybe even the hubzy) without being mean-spirited or cost much. Food seems to be the easiest way to have fun tricking the kids. A couple years ago I surprised the kids with a silly lunch that they thought was pretty funny.

Octopus mac n' cheese

Jell-O "Juice" - I loved their reactions when they tried to drink it out of the straw and nothing happened!

This year I was browsing around looking for some inspiration and found some clever ideas.......

Somewhat Simple has some cute food mixups and several fun pranks.  All simple to do, but bound to get a giggle.

And Hoosier Homemade has a great April Fools Dinner menu that I love!  It includes the "Chicken Nuggets and fries with Dipping Sauce" shown below (really pound cake and pudding!), as well as faux Deviled Eggs, faux Sushi, and "Snakes and Bugs".  Too cute!

And Allrecipes has an April Fools collection of recipes, that included Ice Cream "Baked Potatoes" and "Bacon Cheeseburger" Cake.

There were also a couple ideas in the comments that caught my eye.........

Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes "Cake"
- bake a regular meatloaf recipe in two round cake pans, stack them and "frost" with mashed potatoes, drizzle top with ketchup. Another version is to make them into "cupcakes".

"Ostrich Eggs Sunny Side Up" - spread Cool Whip or marshmallow fluff on a plate and place half of a canned peach in the middle for the "yolk".  I'm thinking that will "crack" the kids up.  ;)

Here are more great ideas for crafts, pranks and more from Family Fun.  And I've wanted to make these mock sushi rolls forever!  I think they're adorable - and a perfect prank for my 11 year old who adores sushi!

As always, Tip Junkie is a great source of ideas!!

What are you planning for April Fool's day? 
What are the funniest things you've done or heard of as April Fools Day pranks?


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Jackson said...

I love the jello juice idea. I will have to try this one out on my kids next year. Thanks for sharing.