Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Get Your Vistaprint Freebies!! Return address labels, business cards, rubber stamps, invitations and MORE!

Have you tried Vistaprint?  I love them!  Their products and tools are easy to use, lots of creative ideas and patterns.....and great deals!  Right now you can get return address labels, business cards, invitations and announcements, rubber stamps, pens.....and more all for FREE!  All you pay is shipping, which varies based on which products you choose and the speed of shipping you want. (The 21 day shipping is the cheapest, but in my experience it usually comes faster than that!)

Recently I "bought" return address labels for my two oldest children (because you can get 2 sets of 140 labels for free at a time).  I only put their names on them so they could use them to label their belongings - books, folders for school, lunch boxes, toys, etc.  They loved them! I let them help pick out the design they wanted and they're super cute!  I only ended up paying about $3 for plenty of labels for both kids!

Oh, and before that we bought labels with the darling little caricatures for the family! L.o.v.e these!

*With Father's Day coming up, you could also order something cute for Dad - his own labels to have books returned, tools marked as his, or actual return address labels.


JamieA said...

Hi, I love the label idea. How did you get them for free or was it a special that has expired?

Mara @ Super Savings said...

Hi Jamie! It looks like the address labels are now $5.99, but they run that deal off and on, so check back to see if they're free again in a few weeks or so. =)

Some of the other things are still free though - business cards, invitations and announcements, rubber stamps, pens, bumper stickers...to get any of those (or the labels when they're available), click one of the links above to go to Vistaprint and on the left side of the screen there are drop down menus to choose your product. From there you click it and personalize. =)
Hope that helped! Thanks for coming by!

~ Mara

Sweet Fairy said...

This is great. This will help me so much in getting free designs for my plastic business cards. Thanks for sharing.