Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Heartsy - Daily Deals on Etsy handmade items! Up to 70% off

Heartsy - Daily deals on fabulous handmade items, at least 50% off.

I l.o.v.e. Etsy.  It's a wonderland of creativity and inspires me every time I allow myself to browse around and drool dream about making or enjoying those lovelies.   My frugal nature hasn't let me actually buy any of those darling items, but now I just might!! 

Heartsy is a daily deal site that offers great discounts of at least 50% off the things offered on Etsy!  Just now I saw a deal for credit to a boutique for 68% off!  What a super deal!  You can sign up here, then share your link with your friends and you'll get $10 credit to share - they get $5 in their account right away, and you get $5 when they make their first purchase! this hat too cute or what??

{recent seller on Heartsy - The Crafty Tortoise}

And how pretty is this lovebird necklace?
{currently 38 vouchers left to The Sparkle Tree}

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