Friday, January 20, 2012

FREE Frosty's at Wendy's through 2012 for $1!

Ok, for any Frosty lovers (like myself) this seriously sounds too good to be true.....but it's not!  =)  You can actually get FREE Frosty's for the entire year of 2012!

You buy a Frosty key tag for $1 (at participating Wendy's), hang it on your key ring, then present it throughout the year to get free Jr. size frosty's with any purchase! 

I know the Jr. size isn't real big, but it's enough to hit the spot!   It's perfect for treating the kids when we're out and about (that's a lot of treats throughout the year!)......and maybe even for me to sneak in on our low carb diet.  ;)

And, all the proceeds from the key tags go to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.......delicious and a good cause!

(thanks Centsless Deals!)


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say you have a great site and thanks for posting!…

Mara @ Super Savings said...

Thank you! I really appreciate your comment! So happy that you like it and glad you're here! =)

~ Mara