Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Feature: Budget Bytes - a great site for saving money and delicious recipes!

I know I haven't had a 'Friday Feature' in a while, but this delightful discovery was too good not to share!

We were going to have a Mexican Chicken soup for dinner this week, but last minute realized that the chicken had passed it's prime.  =(   It was so disappointing!

Once I found out I was "chicken-less", I scanned the fridge and saw a pound of I did what anyone does at 6pm......I hit Pinterest looking for a quick family friendly soup recipe -- and as usual it came through!

Tonight I came across a picture of this delicious Sausage and Kale soup and clicked over to discover it was from Budget Bytes....have you guys heard of this site??
I found Budget Bytes last week when I tried Beth's Chili-Lime Pork was fantastic and the leftovers made a delicious stir-fry! 

Recipe #2 was even better!  My family *loved* this Sausage and Kale soup - it even won over my anti-soup hubby!!  And at only $1.05 a serving it was a cheap, easy, delicious, filling dinner! 
*I did make a couple changes, just because of what I had.....I used ground pork sausage instead of sweet, omitted celery because we were out, and I thought I had the can of white beans it called for, but did not.  Not wanting to leave them out completely, I subbed a can of black beans and I can't imagine it was any worse for it!

I asked the kids how they liked it and they all said "Make it again!!".....well, all that speak anyway....Lucas just gobbled it up.  My oldest daughter said it could be dinner almost every night..... = family approved.  =)  

Budget Bytes is going to be a go-to from now on for recipes!  Oh, and besides the tastiness, she also has each recipe and each ingredient broken down by price so you know how much each meal will cost (or an idea at least since grocery prices obviously vary).  And if you want to make a recipe cheaper, you can see which part of it is the most expensive and make sure you get that item on sale or sub it for something cheaper.
Now go on over and check it out!!  =)

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