Tuesday, April 24, 2012

FREE eBook on Amazon.com: "How to Decorate Cupcakes"

Amazon is offering the "How to Decorate Cupcakes" e-book for Kindle for FREE!  I love fun ideas to make birthdays and events special - for cheap!  And this e-book has some great 5 star reviews!

  • If you don’t have a Kindle, you can just download a free reading app from Amazon which will allow you to read this on your PC, iPad, iPhone, blackberry, android, Mac and more!
  • Prices change often.....if it's still FREE the price will be listed as $0.00
"If you are throwing any sort of celebration today, there is nothing as sure to garner you the the giddy approval, or to inspire the sheer childlike joy from your guests than a plate full of designer cupcakes. Cupcakes bring to mind the happy days of childhood parties. People love to marvel at them as much, or more, than they love to eat them! Just picture a multi-level cake stand, brimming on each level with cupcakes in every color of the rainbow - some with shaved, white chocolate curly-cue tops, some chock full of M & M's, some with chocolate chip studded minty fondant, and happily, some with just sprinkles and a classic, buttercream swirl cap. Yummm...

Now with this easy-to-follow guide in hand anyone can learn how to both make and decorate cupcakes just like a professional!

(thanks Frugal Girls!)

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