Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pick Your Plum: 4th of July Striped Paper Straws - 60% off!

Here's a great deal on those adorable striped straws that are so popular right now! Be quick though, because Pick Your Plum's fun deals are only good for the day - and they often don't last that long!

Red and blue are available, so they'd be perfect for 4th of July, but those two colors are also perfect to stock up for upcoming Summer parties or birthday parties!  (ooh, they could be perfect for our "Gender Reveal party" when we find out what the baby is!)

A 50 pack of striped straws for $3.99!  That makes them right under $0.08 a pop! 
Choose from the following colors (straws come in packs of 50):
  • Cherry Snow Cone Red
  • Parade Taffy Blue
  • Brilliant Lights Yellow SOLD OUT

"The fun of every party is in the details, and how could something this cute not be fun?!  Just drop them in empty glasses and line them up on the table right next to the punch bowl.  Use them at barbecues, showers, birthday parties, bunco night, and of course the Fourth of July.  It's a hit every time, so drink up girl!"

Note:  These are strong fantastic paper straws.  They are FDA approved and create all sorts of smiles.
Fine Print:  Ships for $3.99 for 1 or 12 orders, and $11.50 for our Canadian friends.  They'll be on their way on or before June 6th.  Order with a friend to save some cash then cheers and have a drink together when they arrive!

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