Friday, May 18, 2012

Save Money by Contacting Companies About Their Products!

A friend of mine just reminded me of a GREAT money-saving tip: Contact companies when a product does not meet your expectations!  They want to make customers happy and want to know that they're providing a good product.....if something's wrong they will often make it right with a free product coupon.  With a simple phone call or email you give them valuable feedback and are usually rewarded for it.  An 800 number is often printed on the package, but you could also easily look up contact info online.

Here are just a few examples of companies that I've contacted with good results:

  • VanKamp's - there were only 9 fillets in a 10ct box, so I called and they sent a free product coupon
  • Pampers and Huggies - I have gotten quite a few free diaper packages when diapers are defective (tabs that come off, too many that leak, hard and scratchy liners....etc.)
  • Clairol and L'Oreal - when the hair dye hasn't covered well or the bottle cracked, I've called and they've been kind enough to send replacement coupons

A couple tips to get the best results:
~ Be friendly.....even if you're unhappy with a product, be kind and courteous.
~ Remember that they'll want to know some information (like the expiration date, numbers stamped on the package, etc.), so if possible, keep the package to be the most helpful. 
~ I think this goes without saying, but honesty is key - it's perfectly ok to expect companies to stand behind their products, but don't call or email just to get free stuff.

AND, don't just call to complain -- I've gotten good response from companies when I've emailed/called about how much I LIKE their product too - sometimes they'll send cents off coupons, sometimes free product coupons, and I love to just let them know when they're doing a good job too.

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