Monday, July 16, 2012

FREE Kids Haircuts at JCPenney's through August!

This is an AWESOME freebie!!  JCPenney Salons are offering FREE kids’ haircuts to kids in grades K-6 during the whole month of August!

All you need to do is head on over to the JCPenney site and find a participating location ("every JCPenney salon across the USA") near you and schedule the appointments.  Easy peasy!  Call your local salon now to schedule your appointment – I'd imagine they’ll book up fast! 

I just called mine and had no trouble getting all 4 in at the same time!  The woman I talked to did mention that it's only the cut, so if we wanted extras (like having it washed, styled or dried), it would be another $10.

I normally cut my kids hair at home to save money, but this way we can let someone else do the work!  ;)  What a great way to save money (especially with all your back-to-school shopping needs!) and check one thing off your list before school starts!

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