Saturday, August 4, 2012 Webkinz as Low as $2.14 each!

{Webkinz - Frog - $2.14!!}
Here's a good looking deal on Amazon for Webkinz!  Now's a perfect time to plan ahead for Christmas, before the prices on toys like this go up!   Here are some cute ones I saw......

{Webkinz - Golden Retriever - $4.95 - and eligible for FREE shipping!}

{Webkinz - Hippo - $4.99....and eligible for FREE shipping!}

{Webkinz - Pink Googles - $4.75}


Amanda said...

Hmm... the prices have gone up. :(

Mara @ Super Savings said...

Funny, I just checked to see what I should change them to, and they're showing the same -- except the Frog has gone down to $1.94....and the Pink Googles one has gone down to $2!
Maybe check it again to see what it shows? =)

(there were many more around that same price if you browse other Webkinz too)

~ Mara