Friday, June 27, 2014

FREE Sample of Truvia Natural Sweetener

You can get a FREE sample of Truvia natural sweetener here and it comes with a $2 coupon too!

*Just as a side note, I've just recently started following Trim Healthy Mama's way of eating, and have been loving it so far!  For a while now our family had already been been working on increasing whole foods and eliminating refined sugar from our diet.  I really like their balanced and biblical approach, the emphasis on real food, and people have been having incredible results!

One of the things they recommend is eliminating sugar from your diet, and using healthy natural alternatives when necessary.  Truvia is one of the natural sweeteners they suggest.  I was nervous about trying a sweetener, since even something completely natural like Stevia can have a bitter aftertaste.  But I don't feel good after eating high-glycemic sugars, and sometimes I do need just a bit of sweetness.  So I thought it was worth a try.  I've been really happy with Truvia!  So there you go...there's my random review, haha!

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