Monday, December 21, 2015

Easy way to save money online! Best Cashback sites!

Easy way to save money online! (best cash back sites)

Online shopping has become my favorite!! I can find the best deal, get what I want quickly delivered to my door, and I don't have to pack up all the kiddos to do it!

As a lot of us are doing some last minute Christmas shopping right now, I thought I'd share my favorite tip to save money when shopping back sites!  I shop at my favorite stores (like Kohl's, Home depot, Amazon...) as usual, but when I go through a site listed below, they give me a percentage back on my purchase!
It's SO simple to do:
  • Go to the cashback site
  • Click on the store of your choice (each store offers a different cash back percentage)
  • Do your shopping and they'll credit you with the cash....nothing to redeem, no forms to mail!
It adds up in your online account, and when it reaches a certain point (varies by site), a check is in the mail (or another payment if you choose)!  To make it even better, it's free to sign up and many offer a $5-$10 bonus when you sign up and make your first purchase...and you can pass on a referral link to help your friends save money too!

Here are my favorite cash back sites that I check *every time* I make an online purchase (and some highlights of each site)...

Ebates: $10 new member bonus, over 1,800 stores

Mr. Rebates: $5 new member bonus, over 2,000 stores

Shop At Home: $10 new member bonus, up to 70% cash back, 110% cash back guarantee

TopCashback: no minimum payout threshold

I usually do a quick check to see who's offering the most cash back that day since it varies.  I've gotten hundreds back in just a couple years (on things we've needed anyway!) which has been a huge blessing to my family!  This is my favorite and easiest way to save online!

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