Saturday, March 14, 2009

EasyBakeware - $1 silicone pan!!

I keep forgetting to post this cool deal - thanks to my friend Carie for reminding me!

You can get a free silicone pan, or other kitchen utensil (spatula set, aprons, cutting board, colander, chopper, etc.) for FREE at EasyBakeware (you know, the kind that sell for $15-$20!). You get it for free by choosing the $1 shipping and handing option. It signs you up for a free 7-day trial of "Savings Ace". If you cancel before the 7 days are up you only will pay the $1 for the pan S/H. If you forget to cancel or choose to keep it, Savings Ace is $14.95/month.

I was a little scattered the week I signed Randy up for a free pan and remembered one day late, so my card was charged - so remember to mark your calendar so you can cancel in time if you choose to! It is a great deal, you just have to pay attention - not necessarily my strong suit obviously, lol. The pans are cool though! I want to make muffins or cupcakes now just to try them out....well, to eat too I guess. =)

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