Saturday, March 14, 2009

FREE Diapers + $10!!

UPDATE: I got them about a week ago, so they came in about 2-3 weeks. They sent half the diapers (20) now and are going to call to ask about the first half of the survey, then I'll get another 20 for the second part of the survey. So 40 diapers for FREE + $10!

That sounds too good to be true doesn't it? Free diapers would be great, but to get $10 on top of that?? Fantastic!
I just came across a blog that mentioned diaper trials - I've done a couple before, but didn't realize that the company I worked with, Arquest, does this on an ongoing basis.

Here's how it sign up for a trial by calling and telling them your name, address, baby's gender, weight, diaper size. If you qualify, they send you a free package of diapers and a form to fill out as you use them to see how you like them. Then they give you a call to take a survey and get feedback on the diapers (if I remember right it took 10 minutes or less). After the survey they send you a check for $10!
Sooo, you're gonna pay me to use your free diapers?? OK!

The blog I read said that they occasionally will offer trials on pull-ups/training pants too.
Here's the number to call:
1-888-342-7372 (ext 646 for girls, ext. 634 for boys)

I called today to sign up for Emma who wears size 4 (hopefully not for long, but that means I need to get going on potty-training!). The lady answered and I was accepted right away, she said I should get my diapers in about 2 weeks. I'm so excited!
If they don't currently have an opening for the child your calling for, you can leave your information and they'll call you when they have an opening.

Thanks Engineer a Debt Free Life!

P.S. just a reminder in case you forgot how to check a diaper, lol


~Kristie~ said...

That is too funny - I actually read this whole post on diapers and I don't even need diapers.

Good thing I did - the cartoon at the end was worth it!


yeager_79 said...

That is funny! Good to know someone is reading them, lol!
Maybe Karrie could use it though....3 under 3 = oodles of diapers!

~Kristie~ said...

Can you believe Dominic is already potty trained!?! he's been totally potty trained since he was like 18 months old! So, only one in diapers right now!! Until the baby comes!

yeager_79 said...

that's fantastic! that will make them all being really young *so* much easier!
I think Emma could be if I were organized and actually worked with her on it. I think sometimes changing diapers is so much easier than taking on potty training - but that's probably just my procrastination speaking, lol.