Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kohl's - Randy's steal of a deal!! $200 retail for FREE!!

$200 of clothes for Free??!!?!!   Yes!!!!

I loove browsing in the Kohl's clearance section!! Some of my favorite shirts have come from there, and once I found the most darling Carter's outfit for Emma for .90 cents!

Recently, it was my husband, Randy, who was doing the browsing. He had to buy a suit there for a wedding he was in, and Kohl's was running a "Kohl's cash" deal the weekend he bought the suit. That's where you get $10 credit to spend later for every $50 you spend. So, he ended up with $20 of Kohl's cash.

Of course we forgot about it until 7pm the day it expired (have I mentioned we're the biggest procrastinators??). Neither of us wanted to make the 20 minute drive, but of course we weren't going to waste $20!! So, Randy ran out to spend it, and this is what he came back with.............

1 Columbia coat (orig. $120) - $12
1 brown/blue button-up shirt *wearing* (orig. $40) - $3.80
1 brown button-up shirt (orig. $40) - $4
total $19.80
used $20 Kohl's cash
= FREE!!

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