Thursday, July 23, 2009

Staples - Amazing deals this week!!!

These deals were so good I really wanted to post this earlier this week, but between my computer trouble and lots of family events.....better late than never. =)


Backpacks - 25%-50% off
- 100% back in Staples Rewards on ANY backpack (mailed in October)
= FREE backpack
(I got one for my son that retails for $79.99!! It was 50% off, so I'll get $39.99 back in Rewards. I saw a SwissGear back pack that normally costs $119.99!! That's amazing to me that they're offering that for free!)

Zebra Cadoozles mechanical pencils (0.7mm, 10/pk) - $2.99
- $2.99 Easy Rebate

Zebra Sarasa retractable gel pens (med., black, 5/pk) - $4.99
- $4.99 Easy Rebate

Pentel Handy Lines retractable asst. highlighters (4/pk) - $4.99
- $4.99 Easy Rebate

Staples Slim-line pencil sharpener - $15.99
- $5.99 instant savings
- $10 Easy Rebate

FREE PC tune up - $29.99 value. (until 9/19/09)
"Boost speed and performance. Offer valid in-store only. See an associate for details."

(When I was in last night I asked about it and the manager said that you just bring it in and they "work their magic". No purchase necessary. He said the tech people may suggest something if your computer needs it, but he said they're not pushy about it. He also said that it will normally take at least 2 days, but depends on how many computers are waiting to be worked on. I'm planning on taking my computer in and hopefully they really can work their magic!)

Go over to MoneySavingMom for a $1/2 coupon on Zebra products. Also, check out Hip2Save for a possible $9 money-maker scenario!
I didn't realize that before I went last night - does anyone happen to know if they adjust coupons?


If you're new to Staples Rewards or Easy Rebates, here's some info:

"Staples Rewards" - a free program that's simple to sign up for. One membership per mailing address. They have brochures in the store, and you can sign up online. Rewards are a coupon you'll get in the mail that's like store credit. They are mailed every quarter as long as you've earned $10 or more in those 3 months. They always offer 10% back in Rewards when you buy any ink or toner, $3 back in Rewards when you bring in any ink or toner to recycle (up to 10 per month).

"Easy Rebates" - they can be submitted online and they really are easy. Just fill out the online form at You should get the amount back with 4-6 weeks. I've always gotten a postcard check, but the ad and receipt I just got said that it may be sent in a Visa Prepaid Debit card.

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