Monday, September 14, 2009

300 posts?? Where did the time go?

After putting up my last post about how delinquent I've been lately, I realized that it was my 300th post!!  I had no idea, lol.  As I saw it approaching in the past few weeks I had intended to try to do something special with it, but it came and went with no pizzazz.  At least my babies were in it - that's always special!  =)

As an update, we made it through the weekend and had a successful yard sale!  It was just a one day sale we threw together in three days, but we made about $300 and I'm really thrilled with that!  I'm especially happy that we have a lot less to move!  As people walked away with bags and armfuls of things I was just picturing how many less boxes and trips that would be into the new house.  =)

So a little pressure is off for now and I'm going to try to be better about getting some info up to share with all my fun and frugal friends.  ;)
So, celebrate this "milestone" with me, and I look forward to the next 300!

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