Thursday, September 10, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Sorry I've done a little disappearing act lately.  It's been a whirlwind with school starting, double checking that we have all the supplies and clothes the kiddles need, trying to squeeze in some "last-minute" family time, and taking advantage of the last bit of time the kids were home to clean their rooms and play area.  Uhh, I'm exhausted.
(Elijah, Grace and Jacob on the 1st day of school - surprisingly chipper for 7am)

And now that my 4th grader, 3rd grader and Kindergartner are in school (all full-day), I took a day to enjoy the silence, but now.....we're getting ready for a yard sale this weekend (totally last minute!), and are still getting ready to move, and now my 2 year old (who's potty-training) doesn't leave my side because all her buddies are gone, lol.  She wanders around the house and says "Daydob (Jacob) ride bike?  Daydob outside?"   I tell her "No, Jacob's at school Emmy".  She looks sadly out the window and says "Oh".  Such disappointment on her sweet tiny face.

So.....all that to say, I know the blog has been lacking, and I'm sorry, lol.  =)   Hopefully that's just a little explanation though.   I will try to get back to them, but the family and moving and all that will have to come first for now.  So please understand if I'm not exactly on the cutting edge with my posts.  =)


Kristie said...

This picture of Emma is precious!!

Poor little thing!

But, boy do I love having them all back at school! 'Daydob' says "hi" every time he passes the window - in and out to recess!! Love it! One time, I was around the corner at the copy machine. He stopped the whole Kindergarten line to wonder where I was. I peeked around the corner just in time - I saw him at the last second decide to say "Hi, Mrs. Cook...", waving even though I wasn't even sitting there.....


Mara said...

aww, he's stepping into Grace's little shoes huh? =)
I love that my kid was waving at an invisible person....I laughed so hard when I read this I had tears in my eyes, lol!