Friday, September 18, 2009

Birthday Freebies!! Sign up to get all kinds of things for free!

In celebration of my "birthday week" (and many friends of mine!), I decided to post a list of great freebies that are offered specifically for birthdays.  I considered compiling my own list, but in doing some research I've found some great lists already put together, so I'll just post the links for your enjoyment.

Notice that some freebies are available by just walking in, but some require that you sign up ahead of time in order to get a coupon or freebie sent by mail or email.  Some stores participation vary by area, so it's always a good idea to call ahead of time to see if yours does.

My personal favorite's are Cold Stone Creamery (sends an email for a completely free ice cream creation), Red Robin (email for free burger - no purchase necessary), an BD's Mongolian Grill (email for free stir-fry), and our local theater sends an email for free popcorn!  Yum!  Birthday's are delicious!  =)

FrugalLivingTV has a really good list that she keeps updated.

STLMommy also has a great list!

Hey It's Free! is a good one to check out.

Free Birthday Treats is a cool site too!  You can search for freebies for adults, kids or pets, then by state and category.  The other three links above are alphabetized lists.

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