Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rite-Aid Wrap-Up - Paid 8% (3/20/10)

Ahh, I probably say it every week, but I love Rite-Aid.  =)  The rebates are so simple, they regularly offer coupons to make their deals so much better, and free or cheap John Frieda products and Reese's just make me happy.  ;)

This week I bought.........
4 Post Fruity Pebbles
3 Reese's miniature PB cups
3 Hershey's Easter eggs
John Frieda conditioner
John Frieda finishing creme
and Visine (w/ 30% more free)

Retail Price:  $62.37
Sale Price:  $37.93
- Coupons:  $25.99
- Rebates:  $6.99
Final Price = $4.95

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