Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Smirnoff "Wrap-Up" ~ $3.71 ea. (1-16-10)

This is a little note about stocking up when there's a good deal......even when it might be a little awkward to peruse the alcohol aisle and load the cart up with 8 bottles of Smirnoff while sporting a very obviously pregnant belly.   =)  It's hard to get a great price on liquor very often because there aren't as many deals like there are with other grocery items.  But around Christmas and New Years, there are quite a few rebates offered, so take advantage of them when you can and you're all set.....for a while, lol.

This rebate was a great one..........you could buy 3 bottles and get $15 back, buy 6 bottles and get $35, or buy 8 and get $50.  The price per bottle was the cheapest when you buy 8, so I of course went with that - it'll keep just fine.  (you may notice there's only 7 in the picture.....that's because the hubby isn't pregnant)  ;)

8 bottles at $9.96 ea. = $79.68
- $50 rebate = $29.68
Final Price: $3.71 each

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