Monday, March 8, 2010

Walgreens Wrap-Up ~ Free Olay + $6.42 Profit!

Since I'm behind on posting "Wrap-ups", I'm going to put a couple of them up here on the blog even though they're not all from this past week.

This one is from a purchase I made in January at Walgreens. It's not a big "fancy" wrap-up, but I wanted to post it to show how easy it is to make little purchases that add up to great deals - especially good to remember if you're new to shopping with rebates, coupons, and things like that in mind.

These face cleansers were each $7.29.   I had two coupons good for $3 off, so that brought the total down to $8.58 for the two of them.  Then I submitted the receipt to Olay for a $15 I came out $6.42 ahead!!
It was a great way to ease back into "real" shopping after my little break.  So simple, but definitely worth getting exciting about!  =)

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