Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Menards Wrap-Up ~ $138.50 retail for FREE (September 2010)

You know, Rite-Aid and Walgreens get talked about so much for deals - and they're great! - but Menards is really kind of an unsung hero.  A couple weeks ago I stopped by and came away with a boatload of great stuff - all for FREE!!  (I would've posted this then, but for some reason Blogger and I aren't getting along very well - well, at least the photo uploader.  Finally I found a way to get pictures on here!)
Now, if you're new to Menards mail-in rebates, check out some details HERE.

Check out these 45 items!
1 gallon driveway cleaner/degreaser
4 bottles Physique shampoo and conditioner
6 packs filler paper
4 two-pocket folders
8 Spic and Span automotive wipes (so handy in the car!)
1 7-pc. hex key set
6 clip picture frames
10 Crayola erasable highlighters (perfect for donating to classrooms, Operation Christmas Shoebox, kids birthday presents...)
1 gallon flat latex paint
2 bottles of R2X floor cleaner
2 (awesome) collage picture frames!

Retail Price: $138.50
- Rebates: $138.50
Final Price: FREE

I'm especially excited about the picture frames, but these were all things we needed or definitely can use.  Did you know Menards had such treasures?  AND they had a 3lb. bag of onions for $1, lol.  I didn't buy it, but I did think, "What on earth is Menards doing selling onions??"  ;)


Amanda Smith said...

Ok how did you get the mail in rebates for the stuff.

Mara said...

Menards ads show the rebate items, and the rebate forms are at the customer service desk - along the front on a kind of shelf thing. =)

There are some more details of how Menards rebates work here -