Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Amazon Diaper Deal!! As low as .04¢ each!! CHEAP Pampers, Luvs, Huggies, Seventh Generation, & Earth's Best!!

I just got Pampers diapers for 2¢ each!!   $4.93 for 204, size 3 diapers - I’m so jazzed!!  Right now there's a "perfect storm" of discounts that can all be used together to get a great deal on diapers at Amazon!!  (If you can't use every one of these, it can still be a super deal for diapers delivered to your door!)

30% off and free shipping using Amazon Mom and “Subscribe and Save” – Sign up for a free membership at Amazon Mom and (among other perks) you get 15% off your diapers, and when you order using “Subscribe and Save” you’ll get an additional 15% off, and free shipping.  (You can unsubscribe from the "Subscribe and Save" feature anytime after ordering from the “My Account” tab.)

20% off using coupon from Parents
or American Baby Magazine – The December (exp. 1/31/11) and January (2/28/11) issues of Parenting both had a coupon (green postcard) offering 20% off diapers at Amazon.  And the February issue of American Baby (I got in the mail today!) also had the same 20% off coupon (exp. 2/28/11).  I don't believe you can combine them though.

$10 off using coupon from BabyTalk magazine – The February issue had a coupon (exp. 2/28/11) for $10 off ANY Amazon “Baby Store” purchase.

*If you don’t have a subscription to those magazines, you can get free subscriptions to both American Baby and BabyTalk here.  For now, check with a friend, library, doctor’s office, or someplace else with a waiting room for an extra coupon.  Or if you have a Babies R Us nearby, many of their stores offer them for free (possibly Toys R Us too).*

$1.50 off Pampers – If you’re ordering Pampers, currently there are two coupons offered on Amazon’s Coupon page - $1.50 off ANY Pampers diapers or Pull-Ups, and $1.50 off any Pampers Cruisers, Swaddlers Sensitive, or Extra Protection - both expire January 29th.   Go to the Coupon page and click refresh until you find the coupon you want. When you click on the coupon it will automatically add it to your order and take you to a page of qualifying diapers.
(EDIT: As of today, Feb. 4th there's one coupon available - $1.50 off one Pampers Easy Ups or Underjams that expires 2/26/11)

(I also had a leftover Amazon gift card credit of almost $5 from Swag Bucks that was automatically applied – I counted that in my final cost since the gift card was free.  If I didn't count that, it would still only have been 4¢ a diaper!)

So, to sum up………..

Again, make sure to cancel "Subscribe and Save" - unless you want to continue receiving shipments.

Remember that diapers are an awesome baby shower gift, a perfect way to help out a struggling new parent, or a really great item to donate to a women's shelter or pantry!

Now, if I had been thinking I would've used my $20 gift card I got for $10 last week at Living Social!  Ah well, it will wait for the next deal.  ;)

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