Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rite-Aid Wrap-Up (Part 2) ~ 1/22/11 - Saved 78%

Rite-Aid......take two!   Ok, after my first great trip to Rite-Aid last week, I went back to use my expiring UP Rewards on Saturday - a different store hoping they'd have more clearanced Olay lotion, but nada. 
I did however, find oodles of things clearanced 75% off!  Lots of nail items - polish, artificial nails,
tools, files, ....etc.  Quite a few kinds of Physicians Formula makeup were also 75% off ($15 bronzers and powder foundations were marked down to $3.75!)
Oh, and they had a small section of Christmas stuff left over, marked 90% off!

So, I grabbed......

3 boxes of Raisin Bran at 1.99 each (not a great price, but I was having a really hard time finding a way to use those darn UPs, lol!)
4 wine gift bags - 29¢ each
Sally Hansen nail polish remover - .74¢ (and I used a $1 coupon [from 1/9/11 RP], so I got it free, and .26¢ in overage went to the rest!)
Nail buffer - .74¢

Retail Price: $29.91
Sale Price: $8.91
- Coupons: $2
Final Price = $6.61

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