Wednesday, January 26, 2011

FREE PediaSure after rebate!

Ooh, how I love "Try Me Free" offers!  I think I will, thank you very much!  =)  And I'm sure the kids will love these!  Here's how you can try PediaSure or PediaSure SideKicks for free............

To Receive Your PediaSure Rebate Check by Mail:
  • Buy one 6-pack of PediaSure or one 4-pack of PediaSure SideKicks.
  • Fill out the rebate form HERE and click "Confirm."
  • Print the completed rebate form.
  • Include your original, dated cash register receipt with the PediaSure or PediaSure SideKicks purchase price circled.
  • Write the UPC number on the receipt.
  • Mail in to the address at the link above.
Purchases must be made between 1/23/11 and 3/6/11.  Rebate requests must be received by 4/3/11.
Limit one request per household.  Purchase must be between $6.47 and $13.99 to be valid.  Product description must be on the receipt.  Cash, check or credit card must be used to purchase.  Allow 6-8 weeks for receipt of refund.

(thanks MoneySavingMom!)

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