Wednesday, March 9, 2011

FREE Blockbuster Rentals for Good Grades!

Here's a great incentive for your kids to gets good grades!  I'm really hoping this helps my 9 year old remember to turn things in on time.....instead of leaving them completed at home or in her backpack! 
Blockbuster is offering a free Blockbuster Favorites rental for each grading period to qualifying students.......

~ Kindergarten through 12th grade
~ Must have B average or better (equal to Satisfactory rating, 2.7, or 80% grade)
~ Bring in original report card (issued w/in 30 days), signed by parent/legal guardian
~ Must be rented on parent/legal guardians account
~ Multiple students from the same family are each eligible

You can find a store here, and see more details here.

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