Thursday, March 31, 2011

LAST CHANCE!! Last day in March to get your FREE items at Bath and Body Works!

If you have a LUV BBW card and you have not picked up your FREE items for March yet, remember that today is this last Thursday of the month to get them!  There will be two more freebies to come - one in April and one for May.  I'll keep you updated when I find out!  If you know, feel free to leave a comment!
*EDIT:  The April Freebie is a travel size True Blue spa item!  (thanks Allison!)

And you can go over to the Bath & Body Works Facebook page to take a quick 12 question poll.  One of the questions are: "We’re so thrilled to hear how excited you are about our LUV BBW Club — and we’d love your feedback as we think about how to make it available to everyone! Take our poll below to tell us what version of LUV BBW Club you’d like best."  So, whether you were or weren't able to get in to this first LUV BBW Club, head on over if you'd like to have some input!

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