Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Recent Walgreens and Rite-Aid Wrap-ups - Saved 87% and 90%!

Last week I had a "hit-in-the-face-with-a-mack-truck" kind of cold.  It was like my brain was on pause. I would think of something I needed from another room, go to the room to get it and completely forget what it was - not that that's abnormal, but then I would remember and forget again immediately - 3 times!!
I don't know who took a picture of me while I was sick, but I figured I may as well post it to give you a better idea of how I felt.  ;)

So, I apologize that I missed getting some deals up.  I didn't even go to any stores myself.  It's such a blessing to have a stockpile and not have to!  I'm better now, but I've got a few more sickies in the house, and a different kind of cold is trying to go for round 2!  It's not nearly so vicious as last week's though, so I'm able to get more done.  =)  I've gotten Walgreens and Rite-Aid's best weekly deals up - a little late, but they're up. ;)
Now I thought I'd catch up on posting a couple recent wrap-ups that I somehow forgot about.

At my trip to Walgreens (on 3/12/11) I saved 87%!

2 Always pads
2 Always liners
1 PediaCare
1 Cream of Wheat
2 Transformers coloring books (clearanced about 70% off)
1 Crayola glitter pens (clearanced about 75% off)

Retail Price: $40.82
Sale Price: $25.12
- Coupons: $12
- Register Rewards: $8
Final Price = $5.12


And at Rite-Aid I did a little better and saved 90%!  Grace went with me and she thought she was in heaven getting to buy all this "free candy" - that girl does love her candy.  ;)  Since I'm almost drooling over the picture of Reese's, she just may get it from her mama.  ;)

1 Keri lotion
2 Snickers
4 Reese's Mini's King size
4 Hershey's Pieces
2 Trident gum
2 Disney Vitamins (I bought the wrong one, so 1 Disney and 1 Marvel are pictured, but I'm hoping to take it back in and adjust it, so I'll just write this as if I bought the correct one)  =)
1 Marshmallow pop (clearanced 90% off = .14¢  A treat for Grace if she could do the math and figure out 90% off.  I helped her a little, but she got it)

Retail Price: $51.22
Sale Price: $31.08
- Coupons $15.05
- UP and SCR: $10.88
Final Price = $5.15!

My hope is that you are encouraged by these Wrap-Ups and can see what can be done with coupons and sales. If you have any questions, please ask!  You can comment here or on the Super Savings Facebook page
What's the best deal you've gotten lately!  If you have a great "wrap-up" or deal of your own, feel free to post it on the Facebook wall or send it in to share with the other Super Savers!  =)


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