Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Menards 101 - How Menards rebates work {Using Mail-in Rebates to get FREE Stuff!}

Menards has some great deals and Free items available right now, that I'll post on later, but this will be a rundown on how their rebates work.  You can get some awesome deals with Menards rebates - light bulbs, caulk/sealant, flashlights, batteries, shelf liner, extension cords, candles, picture frames, paint, school supplies....are all very common items you can get free after rebate - but I've also recently gotten free and cheap Softsoap, shampoo, "snuggies", baby wipes, chip clips, mops and brooms.....etc.  

It is a bit different than the Walgreens and Rite-Aid programs though that many of us are more familiar with - here are a few of the details:

1. The rebates are mailed back to you in the form of Menards credit - not cash back. This is an important one! If you don't realize this, you can end up with a bunch of credit for a store you may not use very frequently. On the other hand, if you watch out for rebate items, you can use your credit over and over - or just use it for whatever items you'd normally buy at Menards.

2. The details are in the weekly ad, including the limits of how many of each you can buy (usually more than one).

3. They do accept manufacturer's coupons at Menards, so if you find a rebate item that a coupon applies to, it can make it an even better deal! 

4. When you checkout, each rebate item will print a special receipt at the bottom of your receipt.  There will be a "Rebate #" at the top of each rebate receipt that needs to be matched to the rebate form with that same number. The forms are found at the front of the store near the customer service. The cashier usually directs you to them after you checkout.  If you forget a form or are in a hurry, they can also be printed off online.

5. The rebates need to be mailed in to the address on the rebate form, and you can submit multiple rebate forms in one envelope as long as the PO boxes are the same.   The forms can be filled out by hand, or you can usually use an address sticker to make it quicker (make sure it doesn't say not to use one - I've only noticed that once or twice).

6. They usually take about 4-6 weeks to come back.  You'll be looking for a green and white merchandise check (looks like a postcard).  It can be spent in increments, no need to use it all at once!

*FYI: They used to require a $10 non-rebate purchase to get the free items, but they no longer do!!

Was this helpful?  Do you have more questions?  If you've taken advantage of Menards rebates before, what have your favorite deals been?

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