Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rite-Aid Wrap-Up (3/11 - 3/17/12) Saved 78%!

I had some +UP Rewards that expired earlier this week and though it was not a great week at Rite-Aid, I was just able to find a couple things to I discovered another $10 +UP that was hiding in my Rite-Aid envelope that expires on the 17th! 

Hmm, I haven't seen any crazy great deals pop up as the week has gone on, so maybe I'll just have to use it for a rare treat and buy something for myself!  *gasp!  
Orrrr, maybe I should be practical and get some tp, lol!  ;p

3 boxes Rice Krispies (GF)
1 box Raisin Bran
4 Snickers Easter eggs

The cereal was B/G and I had $4/4 they were $1.40/box.
The Snickers eggs were 2/$2 and you got a $1+UP back wyb 2, I used the $1/2 Mars coupons and got all 4 for Free.

Retail Price: $24.32
Sale Price: $13.58
- Coupons: $6
- +UP Rewards: $2
Final Price = $5.58......78% Savings!

So, what do you think??  Do I use the extra $10 +UP for me or should I "use it wisely" and be practical??  ;)

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