Wednesday, April 18, 2012

FREE "Successful Marriages Tele-Retreat"!

Gah!  I meant to post this last week and forgot!  Here's a wonderful freebie that you don't see everyday - a FREE marriage tele-retreat from Dating Divas!  It started Monday, April 16th, but there are great speakers still to come!

(I love The Dating Diva's!  I follow them on Facebook and Pinterest and just love what they stand for and encourage!   And they have the most fabulous and creative ideas for strengthening marriages!)

It's called, "Successful Marriages Tele-Retreat" and it takes place during the week of April 16th-20th.  There are ten speakers - two scheduled for each day. All you have to do is call in to our provided line to listen to the live presentation!  If you can't listen during the scheduled time(s), the recording is placed in our online community to listen to at their leisure. The BEST part about this Tele-Retreat is that it's completely free and everyone can attend in their PJ's if they wanted to!  To view all of the speakers & their amazing topics, readers just need to go here for all of that information AND to register. Even BETTER news?  There are three gorgeous {free} downloads available for all of the participants!  :)

It's free to sign up and listen to the seminars.  If there are any you missed that you'd like to hear, they'll all be recorded and you can have access to them in the "Dating Diva Community" can check that out with a 2-week trial for $1, or $4.95/month after that.

"We (Dating Diva's) blog about creative, fun, & inexpensive ways to continue dating your spouse to keep that honeymoon spark alive!  After numerous emails from our readers asking for help with their marriage - we hit upon a brilliant and FREE idea!  Why not host a Marriage Retreat that they could all attend from the comfort of their own homes?  We brought on ten inspirational and motivational marriage experts and put together our very first tele-seminar!"

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