Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Winners of the $5 Amazon Gift Cards!

Easy DIY Rainbow Layered Cake Tutorial

I ran a little impromptu contest over on Facebook starting yesterday to celebrate my birthday with all of you lovelies.  I asked "What is your favorite flavor cake?"........big mistake, because the baby has been thinking of nothing but cake since reading all those amazing suggestions, LOL!  (luckily my best friend happened to bring me some carrot cake today which helped....a little)

Just for fun, the most popular flavor was chocolate (or some variation - chocolate with raspberries/raspberry filling, german chocolate...etc.), by a landslide! *this makes me think I need to add my mother-in-laws recipe for delicious Chocolate Brownie Pudding Cake to my "to blog" list!  It is seriously so good and soo easy!

Red Velvet and Funfetti tied for 2nd and 3rd!

And the winners are.........
Kristy Cool!
Rebecca Marie!

Congrats ladies!  I'll send your Amazon.com codes to you on Facebook!  If you have any problem receiving it, email me at SuperSavingsBlog@gmail.com.  =)

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