Tuesday, December 24, 2013

DIY Baby Binky Mustache (aka most adorable thing ever)

When our youngest, Levi, was born last November, I knew he'd be so young at Christmas and obviously need no gifts.  But the minute I saw the darling baby with a mustache on Pinterest....oh goodness.  He suddenly *needed* a Christmas present.

This could not have been easier, which was perfect for a sleepless mama of a newborn to put together!  All you need is felt, a pair of scissors, and a pacifier.

{Big brother, Lucas, even tried out the new 'stache}

Either cut a mustache out of felt "freehand", search online for a shape you like, or use this free mustache template (which is what I used)

{cuddletime with Aunt Shira}

I used tape to adhere it because we only had one binky at the time, and to be safe I didn't want to leave him alone with the felt on the pacifier....so I just made it temporary and we had some great fun on Christmas day.  You could make it more secure though with a very strong glue like E-6000.

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