Saturday, June 20, 2015

Review: ThermaCELL Heated Insoles (great idea for Father's Day gift!)

I was offered a chance to try out these ThermaCELL Heated Insoles and I jumped at the chance!  I hate being cold...really, really hate it!  Winters in Michigan are not the place for me and my frozen toes, but yet here we are.   I would love be able to join the kids out in the snow, or at least be less concerned about getting frostbite and enjoy the 6 months of living in a I was very excited to see if these would help!

Also, my husband has poor circulation, but for the past couple winters has been working in the brutal weather outdoors, and his feet are always freezing! I've been learning that it's important to save money where you can, so you can spend money where you want to, and if these things proved to be as great as they sounded, they could definitely be worth it!

I was worried that it would be too warm and I wouldn't get a good chance to really try them out, but we were "blessed" with another blast of cold weather.  ;)   I really liked having heat on my feet! I'm excited to actually use them when the weather really turns cold again and get out and play with the kids - without cold feet misery!  My husband really liked them too - the only "concern" he had was that you'd need enough room in your shoes to allow for the insoles.  He tried them with a pair of regular shoes and did not have enough room, but then tried them with his work boots and they were great. He said they were comfortable and warm!

I got a giggle out of an apparent misprint on my pair....I guess I do have two left feet. ;)

When I first opened the insoles I was anxious to try them out, so I just skipped the instructions and figured it out myself. My first thoughts were that they feel very sturdy - not flimsy at all, they are very user friendly, and it was really simple to see how to turn them on/off, how to charge them, and how to control the levels of heat. There's a cute little remote included that lets you choose "high, "low", or "no heat". The insoles are able to be trimmed to custom fit your tootsies, and are fully charged in 4 hours.

I've been given an offer to pass on to you guys that is a great gift idea for Father's Day! If you have a hunting, fishing, hiking, sledding, cold-weather kind of guy, head over to Thermacell and use the discount code "HEAT15" to get $20 off and free shipping for any pair of insoles on the site.  AND, a free car charger comes with the originals so that's almost a $48 savings! The code is good through June.  Obviously they won't be here tomorrow, but you could let your guy know they're coming and give him something to look forward to....especially once the temperature drops!  Have a happy Father's day!

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