Saturday, May 2, 2009

Walgreens Weekly Wrap-Up: 4/26 - 5/2 ~ $4.11 PROFIT for $65.26 retail!!

Yes!! $4.11 PROFIT at Walgreens this week! That's even after buying the fillers (sticker book for kids chorelist, Lisa Frank eraser for gift "stash", and energy drink mix) to be able to use up my expiring Register Rewards.
I was tickled when they offered a Register Reward on the Rembrandt because I had a coupon for a completely free Rembrandt toothpaste that I'd been hanging onto just waiting for a deal like this!!
(I did my math figuring the Bayer @ 2.99 regularly because I couldn't figure out how much the reg. price will be - the cashier told me that since it was a new product they "didn't have a regular price yet." Really?) =)

$65.26 - Retail
$51.90 - Sale Price
- $9.99 in coupons
- $46.00 in Register Rewards
= $4.11 PROFIT!!


Jen said...

Great trip this week Mara! Did you know that Walmart accepts Walgreens RRs?!

Mara said...

Are you kidding??!! That's fantastic! Do you know if that's at all Walmarts? I can't even tell you how happy that makes me!
I had heard that a guy asked at Lowe's (I don't know if it was the grocery or home improvement store) if they'd accept them and they did, and I thought "no way!"
That is *such* good news - especially with $46 of RR's, lol! Thanks Jen!!

~ Mara