Monday, June 15, 2009

Crocs $10 at Big Lots!! June 14-20

I was never a fan of Crocs, but one day last summer Gracie and I were out running errands and she had worn her dress shoes which were getting too small. I didn't know just how small until the tears started. We had stopped at Rite-Aid, and amazingly enough they happen to have some off-brand Crocs clearanced to $4 in her size, so we grabbed them. They have held up great to Grace's wear and tear (which is a toughy!) and I've even thrown them in the dishwasher to clean them!

While I'm still not a fan of adults wearing them to every function (they make them with heels!!), they are definitely handy - especially for kids!!

So.........that brings me to the deal! =) Right now they are $10 at Big Lots! $10 or less is my target price for new shoes and what great shoes for summer! Selection is limited and tends to go quickly at Big Lots, so hurry! See their ad for more deals!
thanks MoneySavingMadness!

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