Saturday, August 8, 2009

Staples Wrap-Up - $104.26 retail for $11 PROFIT!!

We'll have 3 of our "babies" in all-day school this fall, so we have quite a list of items to buy. Can I just tell you, I love, love, love getting the kids school supplies for free!! Highlighters, gel pens, mechanical pencils, a pencil sharpener and an $80 backpack - not only free, but we profited!! The backpack is for Elijah and it retails for $79.99!! He certainly doesn't "need" one that expensive, but it's so durable and padded, that it will hold up to a whole school year and more!

It's been while since I've been able to post a "wrap-up" because of my computer not wanting to let me post pictures....but all of a sudden it decided to work for me again.....for a while anyway, so I thought I'd better get these up!! I've had a couple of very profitable weeks!

This Staples trip is from near the end of July (7/22/09) and I was so thrilled about it!! The "shopping list" and details are here.

$104.26 Retail
$62.96 Sale Price
- $11.00 in coupons
- $62.96 in rebates
= $11 PROFIT!!

Here's a headsup for this next week's free things - including a Labelmaker, Pencil sharpener, Expo dry-erase markers....and notebooks for a penny!! Thanks MomsByHeart!!

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