Sunday, August 30, 2009

Walgreens Wrap-Up (#2) ~ .91¢ for $105.90 retail!! ~ Aug. 23-29

I'm so pumped right now! I took three of my four little ones to run some last minute errands tonight (5 stores, in the rain)....and normally that would be a perfect recipe for disaster, but it all worked out beautifully (despite the occasional spat).

I ran into Walgreens just to exchange some diapers for a different size, and thought I'd check just in case they happened to restock the Huggies wipes they'd been out of all month (since the $2 WAG coupon expired today). They had some!! I was ecstatic! So I threw in a free AccuCheck meter, and since my total was above $25, I added the garbage bags to be able to use the $5/$25 Walgreens coupon and got them for free!

*reminder of the Huggies wipes deal:
Huggies Wipes (64 ct) - $2.57-$3.99- .50 manufacturer coupon (7/19 SS)
- $2/1 coupon in "Back-to-School" booklet (using just one BTS coupon will take $2 off each one you buy)
= as low as .07¢

$105.90 Retail
- $37.99 in coupons
= Final Price .91¢!!
added to my first trip this week, it ended up being...
$207.23 Retail
$71.23 Sale Price
- $68.87 in coupons
= $2.36!!

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