Thursday, August 5, 2010

Staples Wrap-Up - $36 worth of paper for $6 PROFIT!

5 kids + printing coupons (and lots of other things) + needing reams for the kids classrooms = lots of paper.  I usually get some whenever it's free, but this week you can get ANY ream of paper FREE with the Staples Rewards program** instead of a specific brand!  You can get up to two reams.  I chose this laser paper for when I want a higher quality option.  It also has a $3/ream Staples EasyRebate, so I'll get the $35.98 back in Rewards, plus a $6 rebate check in the mail!

**Staples Rewards are like coupons for store credit that are mailed quarterly.  You sign up for free and are given a Rewards card, which they scan at checkout (or look up by phone number).  That's it!  No mailing or submitting necessary - just look for the Rewards in your mailbox w/in the next few months.
(They do have expiration dates, but after a forgetful fiasco a few months ago, my husband called our local store and was told that they still honor them.  Since then, I've used three expired Rewards coupons with no problems at all.  I don't know if this is just at our store, or chain-wide - definitely worth asking about if you're forgetful like me. ;)

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